"The safety of cosmetic products and consumer protection"

ECAMRICERT has been dealing with all the problems related to the cosmetics industry for many years, both from an analytical and a legislative technical point of view.

Most of the analyzes are accredited by Accredia according to ISO / IEC 17025.

Our punctual and precise service allows the Manager and the Security Assessor to safely produce the cosmetic to the minimum risk and keeping its production process constantly monitored and controlled.

Our technicians, highly specialized, are always available to provide answers to your queries, and will keep you updated on current legislation.

The laboratory also proposes itself as a partner for particular projects, to be included in research and development activities or out of specification, for the development of innovative products or processes.

  • Routine microbiological analysis and research of specific bacteria, according to current legislation (Reg. (EC) 1223/2009 and SCCS Guidelines) on raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.
  • Challenge test
  • MIC in plate for the rapid evaluation of the effectiveness of preservatives
  • Patch test in collaboration with the University of Ferrara
  • Accelerated stability test in a climatic chamber
  • Stability test
  • Microbiological analysis in the working environment (air and surfaces) for the research of the main hygiene indicators
  • It counts particle on areas with controlled contamination (clean rooms or controlled environments as required by the ISO 14644 series standards).
  • Chemical analysis for the research of contaminants or ingredients in accordance with current legislation (heavy metals, PAH, preservatives, …)
  • Validation of plants and / or cleaning and sanitation procedures
  • Check labels and claims
  • Legislative technical advice on legislation (REACH regulation, CLP regulation, PIF drafting, …)
  • Evaluation of cosmetic packaging
  • Training courses

All analyzes are performed with methods accredited according to ISO / IEC 17025, or internally validated methods, following the recognized International Standards.

Cosmetics companies (raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products)

Cosmetics, raw materials, semi-finished productsMesophilic microbial counts Conte Yeasts and molds Research Pseudomonas aeruginosa Research Staphylococcus aureus Research Escherichia coli Research Candida albicansReg. (EC) 1223/2009 LG SCCS (last update)
Cosmetics, raw materials, semi-finished productsHeavy metals Preservatives Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsReg. (CE)1223/2009
CosmeticsChallenge testPh.Eu.8.0 and subsequent modifications and additions
Cosmetics in the design phaseChallenge test, MIC in plate (internal method), stability testPh.Eu.8.0 and subsequent modifications and additions
Packaging for cosmeticsEvaluation on the safety of packaging (evaluation of documentation and testing)Reg. (CE) 1223/2009, Reg. (CE) 1935/2004


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