"Nature has always been a resource to be used with care and full security"

ECAMRICERT has been dealing with problems concerning the herbal sector, dietary products and food supplements for many years.

Our experts interface with the managers of companies to help them in the correct evaluation of the products (raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products), in understanding the various issues related to this specific sector (chemical contamination, microbiological contamination, characterization of active ingredients, on going stability tests and accelerated stability tests on labeling, claims, product sampling plans, work environment, packaging control, …).

All controls take as reference the binding legislation and the latest European Pharmacopoeia.

ECAMRICERT carries out a business support activity that includes:

  • Chemical analysis for the determination of active ingredients
  • Determination of vitamins and minerals
  • Microbiological analysis according to Ph.Eu on raw materials and finished products
  • Research of contaminants such as plant protection products, heavy metals, mycotoxins, allergens, residual solvents, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, …
  • Counting of lactic bacteria in probiotic products
  • Possible search and sequencing of contaminating or unidentifiable microorganisms in plate
  • Gluten quantification and other allergens
  • On going stability tests
  • Accelerated stability tests in a climatic chamber
  • HACCP Self-Control Plans
  • Analysis in the working environment for monitoring for the purposes of compliance with the criteria established by the HACCP Self-Control Plan, validation of the cleaning and sanitation procedures
  • Particle counts for checking conditions in confined working environments
  • Preparation and labeling control
  • Legislative assistance


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