Evaluation and Management of Innovation Risks

The ECSIN laboratory supports the company throughout the innovation process both from a technological and regulatory point of view, providing measurement and risk management services related to the use of nanotechnologies.

ECAMRICERT-ECSIN helps to implement nanomaterials and nanotechnologies in the production cycle and in the innovative product in a safe and responsible way, providing technical and regulatory support for the measurement and management of risks for workers, consumers and the environment.

By applying standardized risk assessment and risk management methodologies, in accordance with current legislation and the principles of the Safe Innovation approach, ECAMRICERT-ECSIN identifies the criticalities in the application of nanotechnologies to processes and products, the possible solutions and improvements in safety , and helps the company to put a safe product on the market.

  • Product Innovation
  • Process Innovation
  • Management Systems
  • Research and development
  • Agribusiness
  • Dietary supplements and products
  • Materials in contact with food
  • Packaging
  • Medical devices
  • pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics
  • Textile
  • Building
  • Materials
  • Chemical products
  • Risk analysis for chemicals (REACH approach)
  • Analysis of the legislation on nanomaterials, in force, under review, and in the course of approval, based on the sector of application
  • Analysis of the production cycle to identify potential sources of risk for workers, health and the environment
  • Application of models for the evaluation of nano-specific risks
  • Identification of good practices and management systems suitable for the process / product
  • Support implementation of management systems for responsible use of nanomaterials in the company
  • Regulatory implementation support: authorization for marketing, labeling, CE marking
  • Relations with competent authorities
  • Support for the identification of specific innovative solutions, as part of customer requests

Risk is the combination of probability of occurrence of an event and its severity, or level of exposure and danger. Among the different approaches applicable to risk assessment, the simplest is Control Banding, which also helps to identify the level of controls necessary to manage risk (by acting on the nanomaterial, on the product and on the process, to eliminate exposure and / or reduce toxicity).


Federico Benetti: f.benetti@ecamricert.com