"All materials intended for contact with food must not constitute a danger to human health or change the characteristics of the product"

ECAMRICERT deals with materials in contact with food, a very complex sector, in continuous evolution both technical and normative.

The technicians of the ECAMRICERT laboratory are highly qualified and specialized to assist customers from a technical and legislative point of view, enrolled in the professional association AIBO-Food Contact Expert, are dedicated to the continuous updating of their skills, also participating in Working Groups and Technical Commissions.

All materials intended for contact with food, that is all materials and objects that can come into direct contact with food substances at any stage of their “life cycle”, are subject to regulation.

It is a question of verifying the conformity of packaging, of machines for food processing and handling, of kitchen appliances, of crockery, of beverage dispensing devices and devices for collection, distribution and filtration of water, …).

ECAMRICERT carries out an activity of support to the interested companies that includes:

  • Check of the support documentation present in the company
  • Check of food intended for contact with materials and conditions of use
  • Analysis of global and specific migration, screening test, as required by current legislation and after careful selection of the simulants and the most suitable conditions:
    • Materials regulated nationally by DM 21/03/73 and subsequent updates such as paper, steel, aluminum, rubbers, silicones, glass, chrome band, tin plate;
    • Materials regulated at Community level such as plastics in accordance with Regulation (CE)10/2011, regenerated cellulose according to Directive 2007/42 /CE and ceramics according to Directive 2005/31 /CE;
    • Specific controls for Aluminum
    • Materials not specifically regulated as textiles
  • Check of compliance with specific regulations and in any case always with Reg. (CE) 1935/2004
  • Drafting and / or check of the Declaration of Conformity
  • Risk assessment
  • Training courses

The analyzes are performed with methods accredited according to ISO / IEC 17025, or internally validated methods, following internationally recognized standards.

  • Manufacturers producing packaging intended for contact with food and / or cosmetics (raw materials, semi-finished and finished products)
  • Companies producing machines or appliances intended for contact with food
  • Food companies
Products (packaging, semi-finished products or raw materials) intended for contact with foodstuffs or cosmetics.Global and specific migration Technological suitability Risk assessmentRegulation (CE) 10/2011 DM 21/03/73 Other specific regulations Reg. (CE) 1935/2004 Racc.BfR
Machines / objects / devices intended for contact with foodGlobal and specific migration Risk assessmentRegulation (CE) 10/2011 DM 21/03/73 Other specific regulations Reg. (CE) 1935/2004 Racc.BfR
Devices / materials intended for water distribution and filtrationGlobal and specific migration Risk assessmentDM 174/2004 and subsequent amendments. Regulation (CE) 10/2011 DM 21/03/73


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