EcamRicert is an entity which has been active in the sector of lab analysis, certifications and tests born from the fusion between Ecam and Ricert.

The Ecam laboratory was born over 30 years ago to monitor drinkable and mineral waters, aiming to solve the issues related to the purification of industrial and civil waters. Soon the structure expanded its competencies to analysis for waste disposal, air and emissions control, not to mention chemical and bacteriological researches, providing supervision services to food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector as well.

Ricert, instead, was born in 1998 with the objective of monitoring the quality of clays, raw materials and ended products in building materials. Ricert expanded in the following years introducing competencies in the concrete and steel sectors, classical and road geotechnology.

In 2011 Ecam bought the properties of Ricert lab, fusing together the activities, goals and common dreams, under the name of EcamRicert.


“We make the world a greener place”

EcamRicert is an analysis, testing, research and advice lab, equipped with modern, specific instruments and technologies for the different sectors.

Our strength derives from the across-the-board approach based on the sustainability and peer respect for of our clients, to which we dedicate the efforts and growth of our business and our partners, who have the chance to better express themselves and live their daily activities with a deep sense of belonging.


“EcamRicert’s main goal is to contribute to the wealth of people’s life”

EcamRicert steps forward to partner their clients in the monitoring and analysis process of their products.

The evolution of the markets, the consumers’ sensibility and the more and more necessary attention to the topic of sustainability require the lab not only to be a service provider, but also a partner for businesses, able to support and trail them in the ethic business growth project, aimed to improve and optimize the economic, social and environmental processes.