ECAMRICERT is not just a service provider but a partner able to solve business problems simply and quickly.

Through a team of highly qualified technicians, state-of-the-art equipment and an ISO 17025 quality system, Ecamricert performs environmental and chemical analyzes on materials with reliable times and data reliability.

  • Classification analysis by attribution of the EER code to special waste
  • Verification of eligibility in landfill according to DM 03/09/2020 n° 121
  • Execution test execution All. 3 according to D.M. 186/2006
  • Analysis according to DM 5/2/1998
  • Analysis of waste from construction sites
  • Analysis on dielectric oils for PCB determination
  • Characterization of raw materials obtained from waste recovery (MPS and EoW)
  • Sampling according to UNI 10802 standard
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Public entities
  • Private subject


Andrea Meneghini: a.meneghini@ecamricert.com