“Ecamricert is a leading laboratory for the verification of concrete and cement-based binders”

ECAMRICERT offers all the services necessary for producers of cement-based mixtures. It is an experienced laboratory with advanced instrumentation and immediate response times.

A staff of expert technicians allows the laboratory to intervene promptly to resolve critical issues related to the production and construction needs of small and large producers.

Alongside the companies to guarantee production controls, to optimize and qualify the mixtures, with targeted interventions and a guarantee of certainty and understanding of the technical data.

Partners for research and improvement of products and innovative materials.

  • Cements
  • concrete
  • Hydraulic binders
  • Air binders
  • Additives
  • Aggregates
  • Water of dough
  • Synthetic fibers and steel for concrete
  • Time of beginning and end of the cement and plastic features
  • Consistency, density, incorporated air, water content and fiber content in fresh concrete
  • Compression, bending and indirect traction on hardened concrete
  • Density and elastic modulus of hardened concrete
  • Absorption and penetration of hardened concrete water
  • Resistance to freeze-thaw of concrete
  • Energy absorption J and C-Mod on fiber-reinforced concrete
  • Manufacturers ready-mix concrete
  • Cement screeds manufacturers
  • Betonatori
  • Construction companies


Tommaso Lombardo: