Work Environment

ECAMRICERT provides analytical and consultancy services for monitoring microbiological parameters of work environments and verify the efficacy of antibacterial/antifungal treatments according to specific regulations.

Our technicians and our Specialists provide support to companies for the control of hygiene indicators in workplaces, from the identification of the most suitable sampling points and analytical parameters, to the periodic sampling and to the understanding and resolution of eventual Non-Compliances.

All activities are carried out to meet the HACCP requirements of the company and with reference to the current legislation.

EcamRicert performs analysis on air, work surfaces, operators, tools, machinery, and customized activities developed with the customer for the validation of plants, processes or sanitation procedures.

Our Specialists provide support in the assessment of the applicability of standards for the verification of antibacterial / antimicotic surface treatments, according to specific standards (es ISO 22196:2011).

  • Analysis in work environment for the control of the main hygiene and safety indicators in order to comply with the criteria established by the HACCP Plan
  • Planning of periodic sampling activities performed by specialized technicians
  • Pathogen detection on air and surfaces, including Legionella pneumophila
  • Particle counts to monitor conditions in confined working environments and controlled contamination areas (clean rooms or controlled environments as required by the ISO 14644 series standards)
  • Analytical and Project Management activities on special projects for the validation of innovative production and / or sanitation processes
  • Verification of antibacterial / antifungal activity according to specific standards


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