Environmental Consultancy

ECAMRICERT is not only a service provider but a partner able to solve business problems quickly and easily.

Customer assistance through consultancy and training in regulatory technical areas and support in the development of authorization practices and the correct application of current regulations make Ecamricert a single point of reference for the production world.

  • Legal consultancy support
  • Preparation of AUA authorization procedures
  • Support and drafting of practices in the field of Integrated Environmental Authorization (AIA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Development of Preliminary Investigations and Characterization Plans in the field of remediation
  • Classroom or remote training courses
  • Company check-ups to verify the correct application of the regulations in force
  • Technical assistance in compliance with periodic deadlines (MUD waste, Solvent Management Plans)
  • Preparation of Due Diligence in the environmental field
  • Environmental technical support to control bodies or in legal proceedings
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Public entities
  • Private subject