Ecamricert is specializes in on-site tests for to verify the solidity of the structures and durability and the safety of the works

ECAMRICERT is the complete partner for on-site controls in Engineering and Construction works.

Thanks to the heterogeneity of its services, EcamRicert can offer support for the verification of structures from the ground to cover. EcamRicert is able to tests on stabilized and foundations, floors, poles and micropiles for foundations, walls, floors, roofs, beams, pillars and even bridges, viaducts, tunnels for infrastructures.

It work with teams of geologists and engineers qualified experts in all types of tests.

It collaborate with private and public bodies for the seismic control of buildings thanks to a complete instrumentation for destructive and non-destructive tests.

It works quickly and collaborates with other operators on site. It guarantees high quality interventions, data accuracy and technical assistance.

  • Construction sites: new constructions and renovations
  • Civil and industrial buildings
  • Road Works: roads, bridges, viaducts, tunnels …
  • Public buildings: hospitals, schools, historic buildings …
  • Mechanical characterization of materials and their degradation on existing buildings aimed at evaluating seismic safety and acquiring knowledge levels: LC1, LC2 and LC3 through in situ surveys
  • Determination of physical and mechanical parameters of concrete and steel on works in c.a. with non-destructive or semi-destructive tests
  • Check the flow rate, capacity and hysteresis of the floors and covers using load tests
  • Mechanical analysis of walls through flat jacks and study the individual components
  • Physical analysis (thermal and hygroscopic) by thermographic analysis and relief of temperature and humidity
  • Construction companies
  • Private
  • Designers
  • Directors of the works
  • Testers
  • Public entities
Investigations with Pacometro on c.a. Pull-Out test on concretePushed with concentrated load
Sclerometric tests on concrete Extraction of core sample in concreteA shot with concentrated load
Ultrasonic investigations on concreteDetermination of the carbonation depthWith water tanks with distributed load
Estimation of the resilience of the concrete using the Sonreb methodPicking pieces of armorWith ballast with distributed load
ThermographsVideo endoscopiesOn poles and micropiles
Flat jacks on walls


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