Clean waters

"The most precious resource on earth"

ECAMRICERT is interested in all the issues concerning water since the beginning of its history.

The experts of the ECAMRICERT laboratory are specialized in the regulatory, use, management and analytical techniques concerning the various types of water.

Our know-how aims to monitor and manage in the best possible way the water intended for human consumption, mineral water, swimming pool water, sanitary water of all structures, interfacing with our customers for the evaluation of the data analytical that for technical suggestions for the management of non-conformances or the presence of contaminants (eg Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Burkolderia cepacia, presence of Biofilm, …).

Our experience allows to analyze and evaluate wastewater (civil and industrial waste), process water, run-off water from first and second rain, groundwater.

ECAMRICERT carries out a support activity for the companies / entities involved which includes:

  • Chemical and microbiological analysis on drinking water according to Legislative Decree 31/2001 and subsequent amendments.
  • Chemical and microbiological analysis on mineral waters according to current legislation.
  • Control of mineral water labeling according to current legislation.
  • Technical-legislative and sanitary advice on mineral waters and beverages, management of production plants.
  • Chemical and microbiological analysis on pool water according to State-Regions Agreement Act January 2003.
  • Microbiological and chemical analysis on sanitary water (hot and cold) for the prevention of Legionellosis risk. In particular, the research of Legionella pneumophyla can be performed using both plate and rapid methods in PCR-Real Time to shorten response times from 12-14 days to 24-48 hours.

The analyzes are performed with methods accredited according to ISO / IEC 17025, or internally validated methods, following the recognized International Standards.

Entities, management companies for drinking water systems, food companies, company canteens, private individualsChemical and microbiological analysis on drinking waterD.Lgs.31 / 2001 and smi
Companies producing mineral water and beveragesChemical and microbiological analyzes on drinking water. Labeling control Technical advice Establishment management Consulting and verification of packaging in contact with water and beveragesD.Lgs.176 / 2015 Dir.2009 / 54 / CE Reg. (CE) 1169/2009 Reg. (CE) 10/2011 and smi Reg (CE) 1935/2004
Companies managing swimming pools, hotels, receptive structures, rehabilitation facilities, thermal plantsChemical and microbiological analyzes on swimming pool water.State Act of Understanding - Regions January 2003.
Hotels swimming pool managers, receptive structures, spas, health facilities, companiesMicrobiological and chemical analysis on sanitary water, tanks, UTA condensate water, cooling towers, devices that produce aerosolD.Lgs.81 / 2008 and smi Guidelines for the prevention and control of legionellosis (ISS 2015)
All companiesChemical and microbiological analyzes on waste water, process water, run-off water, first and second rainmandatory legislation


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