Structured Light

The LaNN laboratory is one of the most important nanofabrication centers in Italy and it’s active in several research fields.

The generation and control of complex light beams, i.e. beams with unusual distribution of amplitude and phase, requires the manipulation of the wavefront at the micrometric scale.

This is achievable by realizing specific three-dimensional micro-structured patterns on a transparent material, which act locally on the incident light in order to transfer specific phase distributions to the electromagnetic field.

LaNN has extensive experience in designing and fabricating diffractive optical elements for the generation and control of light beams carrying orbital angular momentum (OAM) of light. The fabrication of such phase masks is carried out by means of 3D Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) in high resolution mode.

  • telecommunications (multiplexing of beams of different angular momentum orbital for greater information capacity)
  • microscopy
  • astronomy (optical microscopes and high resolution telescopes)
  • holography (innovative anti-counterfeiting solutions)
  • biology (analysis of low-contrast systems)


Filippo Romanato: