XMC Group

ECAMRICERT is part of XMC Group, a network of businesses who act in different market sectors but united by a common industrial philosophy and a strong group spirit. Businesses from XCM Group believe in the strength of cooperation as a business engine and in solidarity as an engine of life. The companies part of XMC Group are MargrafTeraplastXM-TechDaintSalix, Smart Future, Allutex, De Rebus Plantarum, Venetian Heritage Cluster, Miti In Italy, Garibaldi e Gadoi.

Enterprise Net

SETA was born in 2014 from the project of three firms (Ecamricert, Normachem, Unilab) aiming to make each one’s offer as wide and integrated as possible. The three entities operate in the range of scientific normative advice, lab and environmental analysis, meteorology, dimensional testing and trial. Thanks to SETA we can offer complete and effective solutions to firms, also in an industrial and business complex and ever-evolving context.


The Regional innovative Net, RIR RIBES-Nest, recognized by Veneto Regional Council with dgr 1697 in 2016, was born to facilitate growth and development through the interaction between traditional and emerging sector, gravitating around the Smart Health and Nutrition Ecosystem. The vision shared by all the individuals adhering to the Regional innovative Net RIR RIBES-Nest is Science-based and oriented to the development and valorization of products with acts of research and application of technologies finalized to spotting new solutions for smart nutrition.


The network was established extremely recently and many important firms from the food and nutrition sector – such as LB LYOpharm s.r.l., SADAM s.p.a., LABORATORI CLODIA DIAGNOSTICS & SERVICES S.r.l., ECAMRICERT s.r.l., BIONAP s.r.l. and SALIX s.r.l. – are part of it.

The NUTRI-RE network’s goals are:

  • Improving the comprehension of determiners of the customer’s food consumption choices with the aim of defining specific commercial strategies and, in particular, identifying the product’s characteristics and the related agricultural prime materials, ingredients, formulations and transformation and commercialization processes able to support the penetration and development of functional and nutraceutical food market;
  • Stimulating the request for functional and nutraceutical products, encouraging the diffusion of a nutritional culture based on food habits and sustainable lifestyles, both through educational and communicational acts addressed to customers’ target and the dialogue and involvement of social parts from the associative, research and public administration world, with the objective of promoting a social-economic and institutional favorable context, in which the network can be recognized as a key speaker;
  • Developing the offer of innovative solutions in the range of functional nutrition and nutraceutical, which could respond to the customers’ needs with a reference to categories of customers characterized by physiological conditions and/or pathological specific profiles. The individuation, development and diffusion of innovative solutions might include the following fields: extraction processes and characterization of ingredients and valorization of wastes and by-products from the agricultural food production process; functional, innovative ingredients and products and nutraceuticals, with improved nutritional and organoleptic, which can have specific activities on the human microbiota and be more sustainable from an environmental point of view; packaging solutions and techniques, logistic and transport models able to increase shelf-line, accessibility and environmental and economical sustainability of the ingredient, food or nutracuetical product.

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